Family Friendly Ambiance

Springwood Dental Centre has been providing Springwood and Logan residents quality dental care for decades. You will receive a warm welcome by friendly staff, whether you call for an appointment or arrive for your visit making you feel at home.

Our team at Springwood Dental Centre are highly trained dentists who focus on up-to-date practices and give practical help and dental advice.



Our custom-designed surgeries contain up-to-date computerised practice management software ensuring you receive the best possible care. Digital x-rays will show those areas of the mouth to make sure there is no hidden disease. Showing crystal-clear full-colour pictures, an in-mouth camera will show you exactly what is happening in your mouth. Let us welcome you and share some insights about what we can do for you.


General Anaesthetic

Springwood Dental Centre has general anaesthetic facilities with highly skilled anaesthetists and support staff. Advances in dental techniques and medications can greatly reduce or even eliminate discomfort and anxiety during dental treatments so if you need some extensive treatment, general anaesthesia may suit you.


The Importance of Prevention

Dental disease is, for the most part, a preventable disease. Bacteria in the mouth can cause tooth decay and gum disease so it is very important to keep the entire mouth clean and fresh.

Our aim is to assist you maintain the highest possible standard of cleanliness so you can minimize the need for fillings.

Dental Prevention

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